Actions Speak Louder

Over the years, I have not been content to just talk about impacting the lives of others. When I have seen an opportunity to protect, help or improve folks in need, I have found that taking action begins to “turn the wheels” and our community comes together to help.

Whether it was restoring public faith in Butler County Emergency Management, riding a bicycle hundreds of miles for veterans causes or just appealing directly to our community when a need is identified, taking action sets “good” in motion.
The next logical step to help as many people as I can, is to humbly ask the voters of Missouri’s District 153 to let me serve as your State Representative in Jefferson City.

Our rural values and needs are rarely seen, acknowledged or acted upon by the urban/suburban interests in the state Capitol and as your Representative, I will be a vigorous advocate for our beautiful region and the rest of the state will see that Actions Speak Louder!




As a practicing Christian, I see the world through the prism of my faith. Christians are not perfect and I am certainly no exception. However, I strive daily to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ by loving my neighbor and helping those with the very least.



I am unequivocally and unapologetically Pro-Life. Fighting for the very most innocent human beings, the unborn, will always be a legislative priority for me. All human life is sacred and every life is worthwhile.



Agriculture is the largest industry in Missouri and Southeast Missouri is all about agriculture!

Peach orchards, cattle ranchers, stave mills, rice growers, cotton farmers…the list goes on and on. Agriculture in Missouri is the backbone of the economy for the whole state and Southeast Missouri agriculture professionals are a huge economic driver.

My great-grandfather, George Washington Shawan, settled in Stoddard County and began farming, when Southeast Missouri was remote to the world. As a third generation Southeast Missourian, born in Cape Girardeau and raised in Poplar Bluff, I have an abiding love for farmers and agriculture.

As a legislator, I will be a consistent, vigorous and dependable advocate for agricultural issues, all across the varied spectrum of modern farming. As Agriculture grows, Missouri grows!


Second Amendment

I am proud to be a Lifetime Patron member of the NRA and supporter of a well-armed citizenry. The second amendment, as codified in the bill of rights, was adopted to guard us against government tyranny. I take to heart the phrase ”shall not be infringed” and will protect our 2nd amendment right.



Southeast Missouri is the most economically disadvantaged region in Missouri.

Simply put, jobs are needed to take our region into prosperity and to reverse the shrinking population.

While we should always compete for large employers, the fact is that more than 60% of all jobs are generated by small business. The key to long term prosperity for Southeast Missouri is encouraging individuals to start businesses. Eliminating costly, overreaching regulation and lowering taxes are the incentives needed to encourage entrepreneurship.


Rural Values

Rural Missouri is beset with many problems these days. Shrinking population, opioid drugs, extreme poverty, disappearing access to health care, federal and state government intrusion into natural resources and private property rights, animal extremists and environmental extremists.

What is often overlooked is the bedrock foundation of our communities that I like to call “Rural Values”.

Our communities are hard working, family loving, faithful people who love the natural beauty, our modest homes on private property, often measured by the acre.

The idyllic life that we live in Southeast Missouri can still be realized. As a born and bred Southeast Missourian, I will fight to preserve our “Rural Values”!


I have known Jeff Shawan for nearly 10 years.  I first saw his gentle spirit toward the less fortunate in our district during the 2011 flood which devastated our region.  Jeff’s acts of service and kindness shone and he was tireless when it came to helping those in need and distress.  Whether it is volunteering to drive food trays to flood victims for the Rescue Mission or his volunteer work with the Red Cross, Jeff gives every part of his soul to the task at hand. During the 2017 flood, he provided shelter for the region as Shelter Director at the Black River Coliseum. As Butler County EMA Director he took a department that was disorganized and in many ways ineffective and made it a cohesive unit.  This team now has what we in the military call “Esprit de Corps” that comes together in times of emergency and can get the job done for our county. Jeff has been an active member of the faith community and his love for God and Christ shows in his care and concern for others. He has gone out of his way to perform acts of kindness to the neediest.

I have no problem publicly stating that my vote will be for Jeff Shawan this year. His servant’s heart will serve the 153rd district admirably.

Gregory Kirk 
The one thing that I have learned over the seven plus years that I've had the opportunity to serve in the Missouri House is that as easy as it is today to get cynical about politics and the outcome, there is one thing that is still true today as it ever was in this state and this country and that is that good people in public office, still make a difference. They make a difference to the outcome of public policy and they make a difference in the outcome of the people's lives that they represent. So I am proud to introduce to you tonight, someone who I know is going to carry on a rich tradition of public service from Southeast Missouri, my very dear friend, and for a lot of you, your next State Representative, my friend, Jeff Shawan.
Todd Richardson 
Regardless of any community challenge or need, Jeff Shawan is ready to roll up his sleeves and go to work to resolve the issue. He has never declined an opportunity for action. As the State Representative for Missouri’s District 153, I know that he will use his position to assist even more people in southeast and south-central Missouri. He has my “Highest Possible” endorsement.
Larry Kimbrow 


Many people ask me why I’m a candidate for State Representative of the 153rd District. Well, here is why. I’ve walked in your shoes. I know what it is to struggle.  I’ve had success, but I have also failed. I know the pain of having everything I worked for, taken away because of a catastrophic family illness. I’ve felt the fear of a corrupt government agency trying to end my career and others in my family. I’ve seen firsthand the sorrow of people losing their homes and belongings, but I responded to life’s challenges with action!

Succeeding as an entrepreneur. Protecting Southeast Missourians as Emergency Management Director. Always fighting for those with the least. If I earn your vote, I will use my life’s experiences to fight for you and our rural way of life. I will go to Jefferson City to show that Actions Speak Louder!


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