I have known Jeff Shawan for nearly 10 years.  I first saw his gentle spirit toward the less fortunate in our district during the 2011 flood which devastated our region.  Jeff’s acts of service and kindness shone and he was tireless when it came to helping those in need and distress.  Whether it is volunteering to drive food trays to flood victims for the Rescue Mission or his volunteer work with the Red Cross, Jeff gives every part of his soul to the task at hand. During the 2017 flood, he provided shelter for the region as Shelter Director at the Black River Coliseum. As Butler County EMA Director he took a department that was disorganized and in many ways ineffective and made it a cohesive unit.  This team now has what we in the military call “Esprit de Corps” that comes together in times of emergency and can get the job done for our county. Jeff has been an active member of the faith community and his love for God and Christ shows in his care and concern for others. He has gone out of his way to perform acts of kindness to the neediest.

I have no problem publicly stating that my vote will be for Jeff Shawan this year. His servant’s heart will serve the 153rd district admirably.

Gregory Kirk 

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